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I am a professional, natural light photographer, specialising in newborn and pre-school children’s ‘studio look’ portraits created in the familiarity of your home in the Wellington & Wairarapa area without all the fuss.

There are no hidden costs, the stated price is the only price.



Pregnancy is one of the most glorious times in a woman’s life.

Photographing your pregnancy is a beautiful reminder of this phase in your life!

Even if you just tuck them away somewhere safe to look back on one day. That day may be when your daughter becomes pregnant herself. As a mother myself, I wish I had photos of myself pregnant with each of my children to look back on.

You may have one pregnancy, or you may have four, but every pregnancy is different and the best time to capture your round, beautiful belly is at around 34-36 weeks. We can capture beautiful, artistic images or documentary style images incorporating your home and the nursery. These images can be just you, you and your partner or you and your other children. This is your special time!

Maternity sessions take around 45-60 minutes and you will receive a collection of approximately 10 print quality digital files for you to print, share, or put away for another day.

Investment - $190



....there's nothing like them and I love them!

I am honoured when I am asked into your home to capture this special time in your life. It is best if we make contact during your pregnancy, this way I can ensure a ‘spot’ on my calendar for you by adding your due date and then scheduling an actual day and time when baby arrives.

Having had 3 children myself, I understand life is busy once baby arrives. But if you really want to capture those peaceful, sleepy, curly poses of this precious new individual, then the first day or two after they are born is the time to get in touch to schedule your session. The first week is the best opportunity for capturing these images.

But…if you hadn’t planned on photographing your newborn, and once they are born you decide you just have to have photos of them, then please get in touch and see what I can arrange, as I would love to capture this time for you.

During the session there is no rush or pressure. My full attention is on you and your family. I expect to wait while you feed and settle your baby. I will be gentle and respectful while handling your new love, and checking that you are ok too.

Newborn sessions usually take around 3 hours as we allow time for baby to feed and get comfortable. You are welcome to include family members. You will receive a beautiful collection of approximately 20 print quality digital files on cd which you can print and share with family and friends.

Investment - $450.00



…are available for purchase and can make excellent Baby Shower gifts.


I love watching families grow, so I offer to you...


A package to capture the first year transitions

Babies grow and change so much in their first year, and Baby’s 1st Year package is designed to capture their unique changes throughout this amazing time.

We will schedule 3 sessions during your child’s first year to capture their incredible changes. We will capture those bright, curious eyes, a myriad of expressions and before you know it, their first year will be upon you. But you will have a collection of beautiful images to remember this amazing, sometimes exhausting but incredible first year together.

Each session usually takes around 1 hour and you will receive approximately 20 print quality digital files on cd per session and we can include family members at each session if you like. This package does not include the newborn stage.

Investment - $1020.00



A fun way to celebrate your child’s first birthday.

You provide a cake, and in the comfort of your home, I capture what is often the child’s first experience of cake and icing. Some children are deliberate and careful in their eating and others grab handfuls and smear cake and icing across their face as they try to get a fist full in their mouth. Either way, it makes for super cute photos to celebrate your child's first birthday.

Cake smash sessions usually take around 1 hour and you will receive approximately 20 print quality image files on cd to print and share with family and friends.

Investment - $375.00



Believe me, children are little for such a short time.

As a mother herself, I know there are those moments which are fleeting and you need to soak them up while you have them. But luckily we have photography to help remind us of these times.

I encourage you to get in some of the photos too. Your loved ones will appreciate it. I have noticed my adult children love looking through their albums and having a laugh. Usually at me and what I’m wearing. But it’s nice for them to see

Child/family sessions usually take around 1.5 hours and you will receive approximately 30 print quality image files on cd for you to print.

Investment - $450.00



If you just want a few images for a special gift or to update your family portrait, then maybe a mini session is what you need.

Mini sessions take around 30 minutes and you will receive 6 print quality digital files on CD for you to print.

Investment - $135.00


What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever.

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A time for fun, pleasure and relaxation that builds connection and a relationship with your baby which can last a lifetime.
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