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Infant Massage

You’re never too old to enjoy infant massage I found when I learnt this calming, pleasurable art. Calming and pleasurable for myself and my older children. At the time my children were, 11, 9 and 5 years of age, and they loved it.

It was 15 years ago in 2002 while I was out and about in Wellington that I spotted a poster talking about Infant Massage. I decided then and there that I wanted to learn. I had already been working with children for many years and this felt like something I wanted to share with parents to empower them with confidence in handling their baby, because for many parents, holding their newborn, is the first infant they’ve ever held. It also just felt like a beautiful thing to do with your child and wished I had known about it when my eldest child was a baby as it may have eased the pain he suffered. I wanted to share that and all the other benefits with parents.

So yeah, I signed up and trained to be an Infant Massage instructor with I.A.I.M and experienced the pleasures with my children before spending a few years sharing this calming, pleasurable art with many families throughout Wellington.

Over the years it has been lovely to meet some of those people again through my photography business, Kelsey McGarry Photography, (which is now re-branded to ‘Photography With Heart’) hearing their stories about how the massage helped them and their families at a difficult time in their early parenting of life with a child with reflux, colic, or constipation. How it was a lovely way to apply aqueous cream to their child with eczema. I also had the honour of working with people who rewrote their stories around touch through the use of infant massage, plus many other situations.

I loved sharing infant massage with families, but there came a time when I was unable to continue due to life changes. But as life has a habit of doing, my life has changed for me again, and with my new direction of supporting parents to grow healthy, respectful relationships with their children, I decided it was time to share infant massage again as it sits nicely beside the ‘Parenting With Heart’ parent – infant classes as it holds the same beliefs and benefits for children, families and the wider world.

That the experiences of the early years creates the platform on which all later development will be based, and I believe Infant Massage is one way for parents to express their love and respect, and to increase the amount of healthy touch between themselves and their children.


It is not enough to say you love the child, the child must feel the results of your care.

- Anna Tardos

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