About Infant Massage

developed by Vimala McClure

A silent dialogue of love between parent and child.

Over 5 weeks discover the gentle art of Infant Massage and establish a tradition of touch that will enhance your relationship with your child and your family for years to come.


‘Infant Massage With Heart’ is a series of group or individual sessions that teaches parents a whole body massage with their baby. It is taught over 5 weeks because it can take time for babies to learn to accept new touch and massage techniques, and out of respect for baby the massage is introduced in bite-sized chunks that the baby can tolerate and the parent can remember.

Come and experience how daily massage can be one of the greatest gifts you give your child... and yourself.

Come and experience a deepening of your bond; learn how to help your child through their pain of gas or colic; how to adapt the massage through your child's stages of growth and the benefits of skin stimulation.


So, if you’d like ‘Infant Massage With Heart’ to share the beautiful art of infant massage with your family, or group of friends, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, Kelsey on ...

027 329 9466 or [email protected]


The only gift
kids really want.

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